Dennise Harris Business Writing helps people in public sector agencies to write better through custom made training and document renovation.
Our services include the complete design and delivery of training in the writing of specialist public sector documents including:

  • Ministerial letters
  • Mayoral letters
  • Briefing notes
  • Submissions
  • Cabinet minutes
  • Reports
  • Speech notes
  • Meeting minutes

Writing in the public sector is unique. There are accountability and other constraints that business just doesn’t have to face. This means that generic training in business writing just won’t do the job.

We have extensive experience in the public sector and universities and so we can offer workshops, manuals and advice that suit your exact needs.

If you need a specialist in the way government and universities need their documents to look and sound – you might like to have a look at the courses and services we offer or contact us to see how we can help you save time and money.